Make products people love

Startups don't fail because they lack a product. They fail because they lack customers and a proven business model.

We are a product design and software development agency and offer lean startup services to companies and startups that want to create value for customers and unlock new business models.

What we'll basically do is help you clearly see the problem that your product is trying to solve, put the customer at the center and iterate on the business model around it.

We're strong advocates of the customer development model, that help companies build and ship profitable products. The successful execution of the model does not happen overnight, so a lot of effort, wearing multiple hats and data driven decisions are required.

Here's how the customer development model breaks down:

  1. Customer discovery focuses on understanding customer problems and needs.
  2. Customer validation means creating a sales model that can be replicated.
  3. Customer creation focuses on creating and driving end-user demand.
  4. Company building is transitioning the organization from one designed for learning and discovery, to a machine engineered for execution.

As you can see in this breakdown, companies that start with well known business models, end up in step 4. The only problem is that executing a well known business model without the entire context of the previous 3 steps might not lead to game-changing products and services but rather in a pool of perfect competition.

We offer the following services:

  • Customer development - we will orchestrate the process to guide you in gathering data and validate initial assumptions in all the 4 steps.
  • Product development - our dedicated teams will help you iterate with the product development while making sure that everything we build brings value to your customers as learned in customer development.
  • Digital transformation - we will enable you to solve your product data, management and digital assets challenges by integrating all your services and creating compelling digital experiences across your organization. Whether you need product information management (PIM), master data management (MDM), digital asset management (DAM) or customer data platform (CDP) we will help you in integrating all these services and data collections into one digital experience platform.
  • MVP execution - to test your assumptions, with the help of design sprints, we will create fast working prototypes to test with early customers, learn and iterate until we have the necessary validation to start product development.
  • Product definition - we offer product management as a service to work closely with developers, sales and marketing and have clear specifications, realistic roadmaps and increase the productivity of your development teams.
  • Usability testing - this is a service that will run in multiple sessions and focus groups within your customer segments to figure out if the solution is clear and the experience is straightforward.

While choosing services will not be easy, we will help you by asking the hard questions and requesting data until we find a fit between what you want to accomplish and what we offer.

We've also detailed some case studies of companies and startups solved "high-value" customer problems, created value by providing well designed solutions and unlocked new business models and markets.