Customer data platform

A customer data platform (CDP) enables you to store and manage master data records of your customers. It enables customer data management, segmentation, personalization and marketing automation.

By storing customer activities from different sources, you will have a clean, consistent ad unified view of customers, individually.

A unified customer profile.

The customer data platform can import or export from various sources and APIs, even social logins.

What it enables you?

  • Integrate customer data from different sources in real time at any scale and speed
  • Profile unification - connect attributes and identities to standardize customer data and get a single view
  • Create customer segmentation for persona groups, based on real data, for personalized marketing
  • Trigger marketing automation for personalized customer segments with birthday wishes, personalized newsletters or fully customized websites for individual customer experience

What are the benefits?

  • You get to know your customers better
  • Identify new customers, regular customers and VIP customers
  • Eliminate data silos through standardization and centralization of data
  • Improve behavior targeting through behavior based communication (birthday wishes, weather targeting and geo-location targeting) to boost conversions
  • Acquire a better understanding of your customers